Trekking Trail 6A: Kamares - Kapsalos


DifficultyGreat experience

Average Distance2.7 km

Average Duration1h25'

Perhaps the most difficult trail-path of the island, which begins from the Kamares bay and the homonymous village and ends up at Kapsalo region, where this trail-path meets the path No6 (Apollonia - Panagia Toso Nero - Apollonia), which is also characterised of its unique beauty. Its total length is 3 Km and its duration is approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes. This trail-path is uphill and very demanding, so make sure to keep your strengths till the end of it. In addition be sure that you have all necessary supplies with you. The breathtaking view of the Kamares bay at each point of it is priceless. Moreover, within this trail-path you will have the chance to see the Nymphs Sanctuary that leads to the famous Black Cave. This Sanctuary reveals the great history of the island and its relationship with the ancient Greek civilizations. It is actually a small cave with a 10 meters depth and at the entrance of it, an inscription exists with the label "Nymphs Holy", which reveals the identity and the sanctity of the place.

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