Trekking Trail 5A: Vougnou - Froudia Baronas


DifficultyLittle experience

EquipmentNot required

Average Distance3 km

Average Duration1h15'

All trail-paths that cross over this region are considered very special since the beauty of the unspoiled Siphnian land is unique. In order to find the start of this trail-path you have to take the paths No5 (Apollonia - Vathi) or path No6 (Apollonia - Panagia Toso Nero) which cross or pass very near to its start point. The total length of this trail-path is 3 Km and its average duration is 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is considered as one of the easy-walking trail-paths, and within it you will be able to admire both the impressive church of St. Nicholas Aerina, and the region Mavro Chorio (Black Village), the name of which comes either of the 9 mills that existed there or from its total destruction after a fire that Pirates put. The views of both the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands along the trail-path is amazing.

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