Full Day of Sifnos

by A La Mer


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Price560 €


Average Distance33 Nautical Miles

Average Duration5-6 hours

We exit the bay of Platis Gialos and enter the strait of Kitriani-Sifnos. As soon as we leave the southwest end of Sifnos, the cape of Kontou, we soon see the first bay of Fykiada where we can swim. To the left we see the small church of Agios Georgios. There we can anchor and have our first dive and enjoy the silver sand. Once we leave Fykiada, we continue cruising north on a northwest course and after half a mile we reach the bay of Vathi. Vathi is a picturesque port with traditional tavernas with the famous sifnian gastronomy and a long beach. After Vathi we stay on course and go through several beaches such as Vlychada, Tsocha and other smaller beaches of western Sifnos. After 5 NM we arrive at Kamares, the main port of Sifnos. We can make a quick pass with the boat and see the old mines to our right, the port and to our left the monastery of Agia Aikaterini. The mountain to our left is Agios Simeon with the famous monastery of Agios Simeon. After the port of Kamares, we head northwest and once we pass Gialoudia we can stop at the bay of Vroulidia and have a coffee. After Vroulidia we turn right to the small bay of Heronissos. Heronissos is the northern village of Sifnos, a small fishermen’s village that offers a very safe port. Then we head south passing along many capes such as Vlychada, Aspra Vrachia (white rocks) and the small cape of Agios Sostis, famous for the ancient mines that date back to 3000 BC known for their reserves of gold and silver. They are amongst the most important mines of Sifnos and we now know that the wealth of the island during the ancient times came from these mines. After Agios Sostis, we head south and we pass the small cape of Gria Spilia and enter the bay of Dialiskari where we see the monastery of Panagia of Poulati. There we can swim in the green waters if the north winds allows so. Then we head straight to Kastro (the castle). Kastro is the first capital of Sifnos, it is a place that was inhabited even during the prehistoric times. Kastro is built on a rock and the construction resembles that of a fortress hence the name. The reason for this construction has been pirates who would siege the islands of the eastern Mediterannean for centuries. If we have time we can exit in the bay of Seralia and go up the steps to reach the churches of Kastro. Then we will go even southern. The first bay is that of Faros with the three beaches of Fassolou, Faros and Glyfo. There we will see the old mines and of course we can swim in each one of these. Our next stop is the bay of Apokofto and Chryssopigi where we can visit the most famous monastery of Sifnos. According to the legend, during the times of Pirates, nuns use to live in the monastery. During a raid in the island one nun stayed behind and prayed to the Panagia Chrysoppigi to help her. Panagia then responded her prayers and split the rock in two throwing the invaders in the sea. The split rock is a characteristic feature of Chryssopigi where a strip of sea separates the bay from the land. Panagia Chryssopigi is the protector of the island and there is the famous festival (panigyri) 40 days after Easter. After Chryssopigi and in about one nautical mile we are back to the port of Platis Gialos.

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