Full Day to North Kimolos and North Milos

by A La Mer


Telephone+(30) 22840 32002

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Price650 €


Average Distance35 nautical miles

Average Duration6-7 hours

We depart from the dock of Platis Gialos, head southwest and enter the strait of Kitriani-Sifnos. We cruise south heading towards Kimolos and after about 8NM we enter the strait of Kimolos-Poliegos. To our right we can see the first magnificent beach of Kimolos, Prassa, and we can distinguish the bentonite quarry, from which the island takes its name. We can see the rocky, volcanic coastline made of the volcanic ash of the neighboring volcano of Milos and marvel the black pebbles of the small beach of Geronikola. We head to the bay of Soufi to swim in the calm clear waters. We then see a number of the Kimolos beaches such as Agios Minas, Goupa Kara etc. The south side of Kimolos has many coastal hot springs something which is attributed to its volcanic origins. In about 1NM we arrive at the port of Kimolos, the famous Psatha, where we can stop for coffee. Then, we continue heading southwest along the coast of Kimolos. To the right we can see Alyki and to the left the islets of Agios Efstathios, Agios Georgios which lie between Kimolos and Milos. Then we change course and head north west and cruise the strait of Kimolos-Milos and see the port of Pollonias (Apollonia) and we arrive at the small islets Kalogiroi. There, we see the magnificent basalt rocks which form big hexagon prisms. We make a short stop and then cruise towards the complex of Glaronisia. Now we head southwest going to the bay of Papafragas. It is an impressive place that resembles a huge natural swimming pool, an enormous cave carved out of the cliff's side. There is also a tiny strip of sand that forms the beach. We can snorkel and enjoy the site and this unique geological phenomenon. After Papafragas and Mitikas we head southwest and arrive at the Navagio (Shipwreck). We make a stop and we can swim in the deep waters and see at approximately 8 – 10 meters below surface level an old shipwreck. Our next stop is the magnificent beach of Sarakiniko, one of the most photographed landscapes of Milos and Cyclades. We can spend much time there swimming in deep waters, dive off the tall, greyish - white cliffs that can have amazing shapes often compared to a moonscape and enjoy the famous fiords. Aftrer Sarakiniko, it is time to head back to Sifnos, taking a north-northeast course and after about 18 nautical miles we return to the bay of Platis Gialos.

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