Running Race 5 Km

by Serifos Sunset Race


Time18:00 to 19:30


Telephone+30 210 6540662


The 5 km race is taking place in the South part of the island, following this given route: Vagia will be marked as the starting point, exactly were the ring road meets the road leading to Vagia beach, providing the runners with the opportunity of running by the sea towards Koutalas bay. They will pass by the beautiful beaches of Vagia, Ganema and Koutalas, while enjoying the unique sunset along with the wild beauty of the Cycladic landscape. The runners will be directed towards Ganema and after they complete a distance of 2,350 meters, they will be asked to return through the top of Koutalas gulf, and then back towards the start and finishing point at Vagia beach. The race will be on the asphalted road, apart from the 300 last meters, where they will be making their way to the beach on a dirt road. The race is suitable for both experienced and amateur runners. There will be 2 water stations during the race, a car following the runners providing them with any assistance they might need, a doctor and ambulance ready to give first aid and transfer them to the Serifos Health Center if needed. The 5km award ceremony will take place on Sunday 3/9, just after the end of the swimming races, at the Avlomonas beach. COST: 8 €

  • Road | Easy access (asphalt)
  • Path | Big and easy way
  • Boat | Easy access
  • Suitability
  • Parking
  • Sports
  • Exploration
  • Lonely
  • Friends
  • Romantic
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