Trekking trail 1: Chora - Kallitsos



DifficultyFor beginners

Average Distance4.42 km

Average Duration1.50 h

While approaching Serifos by ship, you might have seen a small village located in the mountains, at the barren eastern shores, shining from far away as well as from closer distance. It is Kallitsos, which you can reach from Chora by walking through a very beautiful path, full of surprises. At the slopes, which seem barren from far away, while walking through the stone-made paths, you will discover water springs, gardens, bridges and small churches. You will certainly meet a farmer coming home with his basket full of greens. You will listen to the reeds whispering while talking to the wind, or some of the Nereids which presumably live under the bridge of Kipoi. A little farther, the trail is quite ascending; it will lead you to Pano Stavros. You can take a breath there and enjoy the full view. At the next steps of the trail you will be impressed by the level of maintenance of the old cobbled street. And suddenly, at the highest point of the trail, at the gap of the hill Vounaki, you will turn, look at Kallitsos and start descending being carefree, having forgotten any fatigue caused by the upward slope. While entering the village and walking through its narrow alleys, you will understand why its name comes from the Greek word “kalliston” (the most beautiful).

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