About Tooristas

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An unforgettable trip is built on the special experiences you can share with locals, but most of the times these experiences are difficult to find. Now, we are changing this, by discovering and presenting our loved destinations through different, authentic views and unique perspectives.

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Tooristas makes your travel planning process enjoyable, so you can focus on what really matters; the creation of memories that will last a lifetime.

Nowadays, the traveler needs reliable and readily available information in order to plan, decide and finally live the experience. Tooristas aims at helping the locals to promote their place, businesses and services, with nice and friendly way, using all modern communication channels. Getting advantage of the beauty of magnificent and really unexplored places, tooristas is seeking for the real knowledge and the hidden secrets, becoming easily your clever-pocket tourist guide. Our team of tourism experts discovers in each place the best activities and events in order to provide a personalization of experiences that best match to each travel style. Moreover, tooristas brings together all of the information a traveler needs in one place, offering a wide variety of travel choices and  features enabling travelers to plan the perfect trip. Outdoorsmen will love the opportunities they’ll find to hike and camp, athletes will dig the abundance of water-sports and bike and running trails, and families will be amazed to find beautiful tourist destinations that perfectly combine didactic effect with fun and action for kids and children of all ages. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.


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